Monday, June 6, 2011

$10 second short at American Eagle now

Cute short collection from American Eagle is now on offer: Buy one get the second one $10. THe jeans are cute, chic and well-made. If you like this brand, hope you enjoy the sale.

My pick: 

Your lovely thought - Forever 21 vs. AE - which one you like better? Why?-Price-style- quality?

Chic Denim Dress for summer

Looking at her in the picture, I immediately feel in love with the denim dress. She mix the dress with chic bag, light-colored scarf and a sunglasses. She looks  casual but amazingly pretty. 

Denim dress can be a good item to purchase this summer. It is chic, casual and active-looking. 

Tips: You can borrow your boyfriend 's Denim shirt which is big and long enough to be a dress and put on a leather belt. Now, you're ready with your DIY denim dress. :)

Outfit Ideas:

denim dress

denim dress

denim dress

Your lovely thought - Have you ever used your boyfriend's denim shirt as your dress? Why or why not? Do you ever purchase a denim dress?

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