About Simplizers

" A splash of nice style gives women an opportunity to be real women."

Hi, everyone.

Thank you for reading about me!

I am Mia Nguyen. I am an ordinary Vietnamese girl who currently lives in California, US. I am a mostly quiet girl. However, I love fashion and cannot be quiet about it.  I realize that my life is more joyful with color, pattern, texture, design in fashion. I am glad that I have this blog to talk about fashion ideas, deals and tips

I'm simply falling in love with fashion.
I'm simply obsessed with new trends.
I simply love color, pattern, fabric, texture.
I simply love to mix-match to have a unique and nice outfit.
I simply look at people on the street, in the store, at school, in the theater ... because of their outfits.
I simply want to know, learn from what they dress and how they dress.

This site was born to be the place where I can share fashion ideas and fashion deals to people. I also desire to enhance myself through  readers' s valuable feedbacks.

I hope all of you will enjoy visiting this site and communicate with me. Again, I very appreciate your pleasure to visit me. 

Thank you. I am  always waiting to communicate with you. 


P/S: English is not my primary language. However, I always try my best to write, proofread and edit the posts. If you find any mistake from this site, I am very sorry about it.

Inform me about the mistakes if you're willing to. I sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you. Have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

  1. Hi! I finally visited your blog and you are a NGUYEN! hehe. You know what we have in common? I'm Vietnamese and I'm from Cali too. I have no idea where Fountain City is though. My family's in SJ, but I'm currently living on the East Coast. Well, it's nice to meet someone from same hometown. I hope we keep in touch through our blogs. Good luck with school.


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