Monday, May 30, 2011

New hair style inspiration

She is beautiful. She is pure. She is lovely. This hair style enhances her beauty. Do you like them?

Here is the link to the Youtube hair stylist that I love most. Hope you like her tutorial and it's helpful to you.

Your lovely thought - Have you ever tried these styles? Do you know how to do them? Do you want to do them? 

Dress like Julianne Hough?

Wow! She is so sexy, joyful, fresh and active. Her yellow top brightens her smiles. Purple and Yellow is abstract color; thus, it makes each other stand-out. I love the outfit a lot. However, I believe I am not sexy enough to dress like her, but I will dress similar look because it is so inspirational. Sometimes, a naughty-dressed day makes your image fresher to others. :)

Dress-like-her version: 
Julian Look

The look is just similar, not totally the same. I copy the short top. However, I cover more my belly with a yellow tank top inside( I am not sexy enough ;). The short is perfect for a chic look. The bracelets are color-matched. Simple hoop earrings like Julianne. Now, I complete the look with color-matching sandals. 

AE denim short/ AE yellow tank top/ Hollister white top/ Wet Seal belt/ Wet seal string bracelett/ Wet Seal Wood and Bead Bangle/ Forever 21 hoop earrings/ Nine West Sandals from Macy's/

Your lovely thought- Have you ever tried this style? Do you like it? Do you like my combination? How about yours? 

How wonderful the Snow Day in New York is!

On this Memorial Day, all people are covered with white. It is so beautiful. From chic to vintage look, all is  creative in white. This news is from New York Times. I am ready to wear my white outfit. Do you want to share yours?
Your lovely thought - What outfit in the picture you like most? Do you dress white in Memorial Day? Big Sale for Memorial Day

There are plenty of summer items are ready for sale at AnnTaylorLoft. Plus, extra 50% off Sale item. Free shipping of order over $125.  
I already found some cute affordable for myself.  Now, why don't you take a trip around the site. You may find something interesting. 
Your lovely thought - Do you like AnnTaylorLoft? Why or Why not? Do you find something interesting from this site today? Share it with us? :))

Cute Glitter Heart Earrings From Forever 21

A fun touch to your outfit. It is cute, fresh, chic and glitter. It can go with everything as long as you love it and want to show it off. 

This girl is from my workplace. She insisted me to go to forever 21 to get the earrings before they are gone. I love it at the first sight when I saw the girl wearing it. 

Your lovely thought- How do you like the heart earrings? Cute- So so - or Not worth trying? Do you have any other heart earrings in your collection? Do you often wear glitter jewelry? 
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