Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rock in Red Guess Jacket

It's absolutely red. It's absolutely chic. It's absolutely rock. Red is always stand-out, and people who wear red are all confident. Now, it's time to rock you out.

  • Red goes well with white and black.
  • Don't go with complicated accessories.
  • Go simple on other things, your only red item are powerful enough to create a outfit.
  • Rock hair style is a plus: pony tail, high bun, bump ( Check out this youtube tutorial for ideas)
My outfit idea: 

red guess jacket

Deluxe Sandals from Nordstrom/ Basic tank top from zappos/ Vintage short from Guess/ Red Denim Jacket from Guess/ White shoulder bag from Forever 21/ Earrings from Nordstrom.

Your lovely thought - Do you usually wear red? What kind of red fashion item do you have? Do you like this jacket? What do you think of my outfit idea? Will you share your outfit? 

Monday, May 30, 2011

New hair style inspiration

She is beautiful. She is pure. She is lovely. This hair style enhances her beauty. Do you like them?

Here is the link to the Youtube hair stylist that I love most. Hope you like her tutorial and it's helpful to you.

Your lovely thought - Have you ever tried these styles? Do you know how to do them? Do you want to do them? 

Dress like Julianne Hough?

Wow! She is so sexy, joyful, fresh and active. Her yellow top brightens her smiles. Purple and Yellow is abstract color; thus, it makes each other stand-out. I love the outfit a lot. However, I believe I am not sexy enough to dress like her, but I will dress similar look because it is so inspirational. Sometimes, a naughty-dressed day makes your image fresher to others. :)

Dress-like-her version: 
Julian Look

The look is just similar, not totally the same. I copy the short top. However, I cover more my belly with a yellow tank top inside( I am not sexy enough ;). The short is perfect for a chic look. The bracelets are color-matched. Simple hoop earrings like Julianne. Now, I complete the look with color-matching sandals. 

AE denim short/ AE yellow tank top/ Hollister white top/ Wet Seal belt/ Wet seal string bracelett/ Wet Seal Wood and Bead Bangle/ Forever 21 hoop earrings/ Nine West Sandals from Macy's/

Your lovely thought- Have you ever tried this style? Do you like it? Do you like my combination? How about yours? 

How wonderful the Snow Day in New York is!

On this Memorial Day, all people are covered with white. It is so beautiful. From chic to vintage look, all is  creative in white. This news is from New York Times. I am ready to wear my white outfit. Do you want to share yours?
Your lovely thought - What outfit in the picture you like most? Do you dress white in Memorial Day? 

AnnTaylorLoft.com Big Sale for Memorial Day

There are plenty of summer items are ready for sale at AnnTaylorLoft. Plus, extra 50% off Sale item. Free shipping of order over $125.  
I already found some cute affordable for myself.  Now, why don't you take a trip around the site. You may find something interesting. 
Your lovely thought - Do you like AnnTaylorLoft? Why or Why not? Do you find something interesting from this site today? Share it with us? :))

Cute Glitter Heart Earrings From Forever 21

A fun touch to your outfit. It is cute, fresh, chic and glitter. It can go with everything as long as you love it and want to show it off. 

This girl is from my workplace. She insisted me to go to forever 21 to get the earrings before they are gone. I love it at the first sight when I saw the girl wearing it. 

Your lovely thought- How do you like the heart earrings? Cute- So so - or Not worth trying? Do you have any other heart earrings in your collection? Do you often wear glitter jewelry? 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Be naughty sunshine!

be naughty sunshine

Go to play with sunshine... or let sunshine play with you. The dress is so inspirational. It is spirit-free, naughty, chic but still feminine. It gives a strong look added the floral details. Can't you wait to spread your shine out now?

Free people Dress: 50% discount now
Urban Outfitter Sandal: On Sale item
Hat from Amazon : Walmart has very similar one
Ring from Dorothy Perkins
Wallet from Forever 21: $13.00
Earrings from asos.com: $12.00

Friday, May 27, 2011

Nordstrom-half year sale until May 28

Hi everybody,

Nordstrom is runny its half-year sale for women& kid. Most discount is from 30% to 49%. Double reward is active. Take a look at the site and see if you can catch something.

Features: Jessica Simpson Shoes, Summer Scarves, Bras....

Have a wonderful day!

Your lovely thought: Do you like to shop at Nordstrom? Why or why not?:)

Fergie's gorgeous BCBG Max Azria Atelier gown at the FiFi award

Yellow color is so fabulous. It makes her look stand-out and confident. I also love the shiny strap on the left shoulder. Little detail adds uniqueness. Her hair is amazingly beautiful as well. The only thing I don't really like is the light-blue clutch. It is not poorly matched with the gown, but it just doesn't go smoothly with it.

Your lovely thought: This is my idea. How about yours? Will you look for this style for the next party?

American Rag White Sundress

This American Rag, white sundress is from Macy's latest dress collection- "Bright White".

It includes many cute details. One-shoulder neckline, ruffle shoulder trap and swiss dot fabric makes a summery style.  The flowing skirt is feminine-looking. Drawstring waistband makes you look slimmer.

Moreover, it's pure white. Therefore, you can be as creative as you like without going wrong. :) I can't wait to "mix-match" now. Would you do with me?

Look #1: "Cow-girl"is coming to town.
white dress 2

Look #2: "Black and White" City

white dress 3

Look #3:Sunny Smile

white dress 1
Look #4: Life- coloring
white dress 4

Your lovely thought: What do you think of them? What are other looks that you like more?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Floral Tops at $12 - Great find from Hollister

Hollister always offers well-made clothing, and prices are usually high. However, these floral tank tops are fabulous deals. They are summery, girly, and colorful. All of them are $12. Are you ready to get all of them?

All the colors are perfect as long as you "mix-match" smartly.
Go with denim short, a pair of classes and flip-flops for beach and casual look
Go with a high-waited ruffle skirt for a date look.
Mix with a white cardigan or white oversize, light tops to create a fashionable look.
Be more creative and share with us (^__^)

Floral Tops

Your thought -  How do you think of them? About color, texture, style, fashion?

The affordable nude-sandal colection for summer 2011

Why do many fashion lovers love nude shoes?

From celebrity to normal women, from runway to everyday look, from day to night time, from hippie to vintage style, there are always someone wear nude shoes. That is a long-lasting trend . There must be some reasons that fashion fall in love with them. And, the reasons are:

  • It elongates the legs
  • It creates a natural look
  • It goes with every look, every style, every color and every detail
  • It is never out of date. There could be out of date somewhere in future like other fashion trend. However, for this moment, this  year, this time, this century, nude shoes are too powerful to be away.

This summer, nude shoes are coming back. They are still as gorgeous as they have been.
Summer is about being relaxed, calm, happy. Let’s get away a while from overwrought, uptight, and heavy shoes and look at the nude sandal collection below. 

They are beautiful, neutral and affordable. 

Price range is $10-$30. 

 Forever (Leatherette Sandals)        CharlotteRusse (Rosette Sandals)

Your thought?  How do you think of nude sandal trend? Do you own any pair yet? Do you want to share your sandals with us? 

5 Tipst to “mix-match” the Floral Print Wedge from Forever 21

Summer like floral details. Summer likes wedge. Therefore, the combination floral wedge is just perfect. The wedge is from forever 21. At the price $25. 80, it is a good deal for wedge purchase. However, because floral details usually look complicated, there are some tips you ought to remember before “mix and match” your outfits

1. Do not go over-floral.
Floral wedge goes best with simple, single-colored outfits. That helps draw attention to your unique shoes and your outfit.
Keep in mind the formula :
Floral shirt + floral skirt+ floral wedge = You are covered with flowers
Simple Shirt + flowy, simple skirt + floral wedge = You are embellished with flowers

2. Do not go for too many colors.
Look at the colors of your floral wedge. How many colors do they have. Two, three or four. Then, just “mix –match” the outfit from these color. You should not go to other colors, yet different shades are possible.

3. Tops and bottoms should be the main colors from the shoes.

For example with this floral wedge. Pink and black are two main colors because they are the most standout, space-filling and eye-catching colors compared to the green. So, your top could be pink  and your bottom is black , or vice versa.   
4. Go with simple accessories.
Now, you can play with green color( for this shoes) or combination of all the colors from the wedge with accessories. Just be sure you pick the simple ones.

Following these tips, you will be able “mix-match” the best outfit with summer floral printed wedge. You look unique, fashionable yet in the simple way.

floral wedge 2

floral wedge 3
floral wedge 4

floral wedge 1

Talk to us: How do you think of these tips and this wedge? Do you have any greater ideas or point of view to share?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Colorful, Striped Summer Favorite Dress

(Spring/Summer Collection Marc by Marc Jacobs 2001)

Summer is fun, sun and color. Life is much more beautiful with color.Marc by Marc Jacobs Simone Stripe dress is in. The vibrant print catches the eyes. Light material is also helpful in hot summer. Make yourself happy-looking to people around you. 

 ( Michelle Obama continues to establish her style)

A famous Chinese Actress on Cannes 2011

The original one costs $628.

You can get it at Revolveclothing or Saksfifthavenue

There are also some similar look you can consider before purchasing. Best fashion meats best price.

             Nordstrom -  $328          Urbanoutfitters -  $49.

If you like striped print dress ideas, take a look at those dress from forever 21. They don't look like the Simone dress, but they're nice to try on. 

Talk to us: How do you think of these dress? Would you try them on?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feather Earrings- a fabulous trend inspired by Vanessa Hudgens

The fact is that Vanessa is not the only celeb wearing feather earrings. However, she is the most seen with this style from recent years. Amazingly, this year, she continues to go for it. 

Other celebs also fall in love with this trend.

It’s easy to be creative to match feather earrings with your personality. Here are some types of feather earrings that you may want to consider before going for “mix- and-match”.
  • Colorful, bold colored, simple feather earrings: They go with every style. Because it’s simple, it can go with floral, printed or single-colored clothes as long as the colors matches. Bright earrings are perfect with dark- or neutral- colored outfits. Vice versa, dark earrings are perfect with colorful, bright outfits. Contradiction is complimentary .
  • Hippie feather earrings: This style is amazing. You look unique, cute and chic with it. It can go with bohemian dress, braided/ wavy hair. Vanessa is the best example for it.
  • Peacock earrings: This is special feather earrings  design. You can match it with every outfit because of its balanced color and unique design. it always makes it own space among other accessories on your outfit.

                  Publish Post             (Amazon.com)                                         (tillys.com)

Your lovely thought - Do you have any other cute feather earrings to share with us?

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