Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 Tipst to “mix-match” the Floral Print Wedge from Forever 21

Summer like floral details. Summer likes wedge. Therefore, the combination floral wedge is just perfect. The wedge is from forever 21. At the price $25. 80, it is a good deal for wedge purchase. However, because floral details usually look complicated, there are some tips you ought to remember before “mix and match” your outfits

1. Do not go over-floral.
Floral wedge goes best with simple, single-colored outfits. That helps draw attention to your unique shoes and your outfit.
Keep in mind the formula :
Floral shirt + floral skirt+ floral wedge = You are covered with flowers
Simple Shirt + flowy, simple skirt + floral wedge = You are embellished with flowers

2. Do not go for too many colors.
Look at the colors of your floral wedge. How many colors do they have. Two, three or four. Then, just “mix –match” the outfit from these color. You should not go to other colors, yet different shades are possible.

3. Tops and bottoms should be the main colors from the shoes.

For example with this floral wedge. Pink and black are two main colors because they are the most standout, space-filling and eye-catching colors compared to the green. So, your top could be pink  and your bottom is black , or vice versa.   
4. Go with simple accessories.
Now, you can play with green color( for this shoes) or combination of all the colors from the wedge with accessories. Just be sure you pick the simple ones.

Following these tips, you will be able “mix-match” the best outfit with summer floral printed wedge. You look unique, fashionable yet in the simple way.

floral wedge 2

floral wedge 3
floral wedge 4

floral wedge 1

Talk to us: How do you think of these tips and this wedge? Do you have any greater ideas or point of view to share?


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