Monday, May 30, 2011

Dress like Julianne Hough?

Wow! She is so sexy, joyful, fresh and active. Her yellow top brightens her smiles. Purple and Yellow is abstract color; thus, it makes each other stand-out. I love the outfit a lot. However, I believe I am not sexy enough to dress like her, but I will dress similar look because it is so inspirational. Sometimes, a naughty-dressed day makes your image fresher to others. :)

Dress-like-her version: 
Julian Look

The look is just similar, not totally the same. I copy the short top. However, I cover more my belly with a yellow tank top inside( I am not sexy enough ;). The short is perfect for a chic look. The bracelets are color-matched. Simple hoop earrings like Julianne. Now, I complete the look with color-matching sandals. 

AE denim short/ AE yellow tank top/ Hollister white top/ Wet Seal belt/ Wet seal string bracelett/ Wet Seal Wood and Bead Bangle/ Forever 21 hoop earrings/ Nine West Sandals from Macy's/

Your lovely thought- Have you ever tried this style? Do you like it? Do you like my combination? How about yours? 


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