Thursday, June 9, 2011

What you love about Cameron Diaz's style

She may not be the sexiest celebrity. She may not be extremely beautiful. However, her style is effortless. Cameron Diaz always knows how to dress to show her body's advantages. Bright skinny denim shows off her long, slim legs. The light blazer gives a clean and new look for the simple white T-shirt inside. It is a nice outfit to try on in summer.  

Dress-like-her version:

Blazer from Forever 21($29.80)/ Jeans from$75)/ T-shirt from Old Navy($3.99)/ Shoes from Endless($30.25)/ Bracelet from Forever 21($1.50)/ Bag from Macy's($48.99)

Your lovely thought- What items here do you like most? DO you often wear blazer? 


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