Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feather Earrings- a fabulous trend inspired by Vanessa Hudgens

The fact is that Vanessa is not the only celeb wearing feather earrings. However, she is the most seen with this style from recent years. Amazingly, this year, she continues to go for it. 

Other celebs also fall in love with this trend.

It’s easy to be creative to match feather earrings with your personality. Here are some types of feather earrings that you may want to consider before going for “mix- and-match”.
  • Colorful, bold colored, simple feather earrings: They go with every style. Because it’s simple, it can go with floral, printed or single-colored clothes as long as the colors matches. Bright earrings are perfect with dark- or neutral- colored outfits. Vice versa, dark earrings are perfect with colorful, bright outfits. Contradiction is complimentary .
  • Hippie feather earrings: This style is amazing. You look unique, cute and chic with it. It can go with bohemian dress, braided/ wavy hair. Vanessa is the best example for it.
  • Peacock earrings: This is special feather earrings  design. You can match it with every outfit because of its balanced color and unique design. it always makes it own space among other accessories on your outfit.

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Your lovely thought - Do you have any other cute feather earrings to share with us?


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