Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3 Looks with Hippie Headbands You Love for This Summer

Headbands are cute all the time. That give the hair a cute and standout look. There are many headband styles such as floral, lace, beaded  and braided headbands. The above stars all wear braided headbands which give a fun hippie look. You can wear it three ways. 
  • The first way is wearing it on top of your hair and let the bang cover a part of your for head. It looks cute and lovely. 
  • The second way is still wearing it on top of the head but pulling all hair backward. This way, all your face is revealed. You looks beautiful and confident. 
  • The third way is wearing it around your forehead. A hippie yippie girl is you.

You can find them almost everywhere. Just match the color with your style and you’re good to go. These are some favorite headbands around the web. 
P/S : Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Max have many beautiful, unique and brand-name styles with affordable prices. You should check them out at the store. 

                                          (Forever 21)                           (Forever 21)

Price level:
Cheap/Affordable: $2-4/each
Normal: $10-15/ each
Expensive: $20-40/ each


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