Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rock in Red Guess Jacket

It's absolutely red. It's absolutely chic. It's absolutely rock. Red is always stand-out, and people who wear red are all confident. Now, it's time to rock you out.

  • Red goes well with white and black.
  • Don't go with complicated accessories.
  • Go simple on other things, your only red item are powerful enough to create a outfit.
  • Rock hair style is a plus: pony tail, high bun, bump ( Check out this youtube tutorial for ideas)
My outfit idea: 

red guess jacket

Deluxe Sandals from Nordstrom/ Basic tank top from zappos/ Vintage short from Guess/ Red Denim Jacket from Guess/ White shoulder bag from Forever 21/ Earrings from Nordstrom.

Your lovely thought - Do you usually wear red? What kind of red fashion item do you have? Do you like this jacket? What do you think of my outfit idea? Will you share your outfit? 

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