Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Great Sweepstakes and Semi- Anual Sale from Visit Victoria's Secret

Summer means style, dress, tank top and so on. Therefore, having a fit suitable bra and pantie can help us be more confident with style.  I just want to remind you about the current sale from Victoria's Secret which is offering big sale right now. Let's take a look and if you use it, I am happy for that. 

P/S: I have entered the Sweepstakes. I don't think I will win, but it is fun to try. 

Enjoy this semi-annual sale occasion

Your lovely thought - Do you purchase bras and panties from Victoria's Secret? What is your favorite ones? Do you like clothes from them? 


  1. LOVE, love Victoria's Secret line! I have a swim suit I purchased back in December, and I love it. I haven't purchased any of their clothing tho. Have you?!


  2. @Alisha

    Hi Alisha. I have purchased several bras from Victoria. I agree that their bras are good and long-lasting. However, they are kind of expensive, but they're worth buying. I didn't purchase clothes from Victoria because some of my friends have problems with return policy, and they say the material is bad. I didn't try them yet, so I am not sure they are good or bad. If you try, you can tell me how it is. :) What I purchase from Victoria is bras, sleepwear, panties, perfume and maybe swimsuit as your recommendation :) Nice to talk to you

  3. Thank you so much for the reminder! I need to stop in Victoria's Secret before everything is gone! Love their bikinis!


  4. @Ashley
    It seems like everyone like Victoria Bikini. I will take one as well.


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