Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why you should own at least 1 body crossing bag?

1. Love a clean, neat look
Girls, we are all girls, right? 90% of men think that women are more special to them because women are the cleanest and neatest organism in the world. This difference should be positive. An oversize bag is cute, yet it is not as feminine as a fashionable tiny cross body handbag.  When you have to go somewhere to do something, free hand and “on” style is the best combination
  " I am busy now. I don't even have time to talk to you."
" Hi! I am myself, and I am ready to talk to you."

2. Friend with every style
What is your fashion style? Princess, rock, hippies, bohemian, vintage, classic....... all the looks goes well with simple body crossing bag. Moreover, it can enhance the look, because the tiny size of the bag does not draw much attention, leave the space free for your cute outfit to be standout.

3. Little “eye-catching”
When you are lazy or do not have time to mix and match, put on your jean, your plain or simple T-shirt with a colorful body crossing bag. Your look is perfect and eye-catching.
crossing bag
4. Endless options
It’s just now about how much money you have and how much style you go for to select 1,2,3,4..... body crossing bag. However, remember that with one bag, you can create many other looks. It is no need in  overspending.

 Tie a scarf bow on the side, you are ready to hit a party. 

You can give this bag another look by stick on some colorul button. It's hippies.

Would you like it? Post your view and see others


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