Sunday, May 15, 2011

Native American-inspired braided bracelets – exciting summer trend.

Why are they worth trying?
The color, the texture, the braided style are all related to hippie trend. The best ones should be made from cotton strings or tiny ropes which are natural and origin materials. They go well with short, jeans, basic T-shirt and bohemian dress.

Where to get these bracelet?
Urbanoutfitter, Free People : $20-$25/ a pair
Forever 21, Ebay: $3-$5 / a pair
Endless( variable price): $125( it’s expensive) -$75- $35 - $25
Swap meet or flea market: $1( it’s cheapest)
Gift shop/ Sourvenir Shop: there may be some affordable ones.
                                          (Endless)                                                 (Ebay)

                                           (Free People)                            (Urban Outfitter)
                                                                          (Forever 21)


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